Software operation flow for version 0.3.x

This post has been written In preparation for the HIP talk (7 slides first part, 17 slides second part, video on peertube), and contains a quite deep explanation on how the Librevents workflow connects: Facebook → Extension → Backend → Mobilizon.

In this post you’ll also read about some current design limits in version 0.3.x, and the digital spaces where we can coordinate our efforts toward a stable 1.x release.

The 0.3.4 release; bugfix and new iconography

This is the new extension icon: 🚀 What’s better than a rocket to shoot free events in the Fediverse?

0.3.4 version for Firefox and Chrome. Or manually install the extension from the git release.

30 minutes talk at HIP 2022

The talk proposed for HIP 2022 (Hacking in Parallel, the covid-safe replacement of the Chaos Computer Congress) was accepted! and would happen on the 28th of December.

The 0.3.3 release and Lisbon Privacy Cafè

The upcoming presentation of Librevents in Lisbon, at the Privacy Cafè, has pushed to deliver some of the progress foreseen at the last Hackathon. Slides.

The 0.3.x release branch is the beginning of many parallel improvements! Get the browser extension for (for Firefox, for Chrome.)

#2nd Adversarial Interoperability Hackathon

Since version 0.2 of librevent we are moving to a more advanced design. In this hackathon we will address and discuss the limitations found in the previous model. We will discuss limitations (the use of our scripts is subordinated to having a fixed list of groups), technological (facebook’s HTML is intentionally obfuscated to prevent any form of scraping) and usability, also because of the thoughts we had about the target audience.