Technology to liberate events from facebook monopoly

Saturday 11th of June, Berlin, c-base, 6 hours HACKATHON — not just for hackers.

at 2 PM:

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at 8 PM: End! 🍻

Tuesday 7th of June, Berlin, c-base.

an introduction to, librevent and mobilizone-reshare

Interoperability is a characteristic of a system to work with other systems.

An example: the Short Message Service (SMS) can be sent to  everybody regardless of the provider they use or the brand of their phone. It may sounds simple and taken for granted, but is not. Interoperability is a right and we let as an exercise to the reader to see how this concept can apply in the internet of today, for example when it comes to Instant messages.

The experiment we are doing here concerns the characteristic for a post on Facebook to be visible elsewhere on the Fediverse. The primary audience intended for this tool and approach are people that uses Facebook Events as that’s the place where everybody is. They would move gladly somewhere else, as is their right, and they want to bring their own data with them, as is their right. With this tool, they perform a copy of the events they publish on Facebook and also somewhere else.

Mobilizon is the first platform supported, we look forward to integrate also in gathio and gancio.