What constitutes this project?

A couple of software written in AGPL-3 license:

Projects close to us and complementary

  • mobilize.berlin the mobilizone instance where this tool has been developed for.
  • mobilizon-reshare a python toolkit to repost material shared on mobilzone.
  • Tracking Exposed expose influential algorithms, develop technology and analysis methodologies, to increase knowledge of the problem that big tech is.

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What lead us here?

  • Initially this tool was developed to support a journalistic/artistic product aimed at talking about your digital rights, the documentary DISAPPEAR.
  • The need to explore new ways to counter surveillance capitalism.
  • The proximity to many people in our target audience who daily perceive how negative the current social media ecosystem is, but feel trapped by the monopoly effect.
  • Finally, current democratic institutions do not regulate the interoperability of social media (…But, you know, code is law ;)


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