What constitutes this project?

A couple of software written in AGPL-3 license:

Who is this project made for? 👉 audience and adopters analysis.


Backstory, or, where this come from?

  • The Tracking Exposed manifesto.
  • The will to support a journalistic/artistic product aimed at talking about your digital rights, the DISAPPEAR documentary (sequel of Nothing to Hide).
  • The need to explore new ways to counter surveillance capitalism.
  • Finally, current democratic institutions do not regulate the interoperability of social media. The only reason they have not yet done so is because of the enormous lobbying pressure, which we believe is a very unfair and unbalanced way of influencing regulations in our society. So we have to move forward with the tools that we have left and that we control.

Complementary projects connected to this

  • mobilize.berlin the mobilizon instance where this tool has been developed for.
  • mobilizon-reshare a python toolkit to repost material shared on mobilzon.
  • Tracking Exposed expose influential algorithms, develop technology and analysis methodologies, to increase knowledge of the problem that big tech is.