#2nd Adversarial Interoperability Hackathon

Since version 0.2 of librevent we are moving to a more advanced design. In this hackathon we will address and discuss the limitations found in the previous model. We will discuss limitations (the use of our scripts is subordinated to having a fixed list of groups), technological (facebook’s HTML is intentionally obfuscated to prevent any form of scraping) and usability, also because of the thoughts we had about the target audience.

Version 0.2 of librevent

The mechanism below (developed by Tommy & Claudio), enables advocate to repost semi-automatically events from a selected list of organizers.

librevent version 0.2 example from Mobilize Berlin.

The script fetch a list of events from the Organized page on Facebook. Then, it open each event with the mobile version of Facebook. Before reposting to mobilizon, it ask if the data have been extracted correctly. It repeats until there are not new events to liberate.