A place for our experiments: mobilizon.libr.events

We created a mobilizon instance to experiment. It can be used by anyone, but you should expect a lot of chaos there.

Who are we talking to

We had the oppotunity to reflect on the complexity of our message. We are talking to four different actors: Facebook tolerant, the Facebook critics, the Advocate and the Followers. See below to know more.

#1st Adversarial Interoperability Hackathon

This hackathon would be held at C-Base, Berlin. The goal is to explain the status of the project and collect potential supporters. Share a common vision, talk about component and trying to structure this work.

Warm-up to the first interoperability hackathon

At the c-base, a few hacktivist anticipated the upcoming hackathon: from mobilize.berlin, librevents and mobilizon-reshare.

Version 0.1

The first attempt to implement librevents was to be a prototype that would allow us to test the hypothesis. A sequence of small scripts were developed that are part of a package called mobilizon-poster. These scripts handle file containing events and support the user in posting them to mobilizon. The librevents package instead, accesses Facebook to collect the most recent events and producing file compatible with the aforementioned scripts.