Warm-up to the first interoperability hackathon

At the c-base, a few hacktivist anticipated the upcoming hackathon: from mobilize.berlin, librevents and mobilizon-reshare.

Tuesday 7th of June, Berlin, c-base.

From Joseph and Claudio, a 15 minutes talk to present the status of mobilize.berlin and the data liberation concept.


Saturday 11th of June, Berlin, c-base, 6 hours HACKATHON — not just for hackers.


at 2 PM:

  • 15 minutes Opening, welcoming everybody, explaining the context of mobilize berlin and why we felt the need for a hackathon, showing the free software ecosystem surrounding mobilizon (https://docs.joinmobilizon.org/contribute/integrations/)
  • 15 minutes interview/survey event organizers to get their needs
  • 20 minutes presenting mobilizon reshare
  • 20 minutes presenting librevent and mobilizon-poster
  • 30 minutes discussion among participants: what to work at (hackathon goals, future goals, how to collaborate, design discussion)
  • 20 minutes break

at 4 PM:

  • 15 minutes setting up working environment for everybody (Linux, Windows and Mac all welcome!)
  • 3 hours coding sessions
  • 45 minutes feedback on the event, talking about the future (development of the tools and the workshop we are planning)

at 8 PM: End! 🍻