We, the users of the Internet, have free and identity-friendly platforms at our disposal. They are in the fediverse, they have various names: mastodon, mobilizon, peertube.
Migrating to these platforms is not easy: they are less developed, they are less localized, but the main obstacle is critical mass, i.e.: as long as there are billions of people contributing their content on Facebook, for simplicity people have to go there to talk to them, and by doing so the platform takes strength for the social dynamics that we don’t want to lose.
Facebook and other monopoly platforms are, in effect, holding users “hostage.” We can all leave them, but we don’t want to leave the people we know.
Librevent wants to help copy events, liberate them. Once posted on mobilizon, even from other software in the fediverse you can follow the updates.
Librevent wants to copy and re-publish events on these free networks. We want back to the public events, as they are information intended to be read as much as possible and therefore we rule out a violation to the original author’s intentions.
This should not be an automatic action; those who use librevent should do some selection work. And should the original author wish to remove or update content from the fediverse it must be possible to assist him.