Adversarial interoperability Hackathon

Berlin, c-base, June 2022

Saturday 11th of June, Berlin, c-base, 6 hours HACKATHON — not just for hackers.

Mobilize.Berlin Hackathon
Jun 11, 2022, 2:00:00 PM - GMT+2 - c-base, 20 Rungestraße (Berlin) - Regaining control of our events with Mobilize.Berlin Who are we? We are a small but dedicated group of Berlin-based hackers & Free Software advocates, artists, journalists, creators, and so on. We...

at 2 PM:

at 4 PM:

at 8 PM: End! 🍻

Tuesday 7th of June, Berlin, c-base.

an introduction to, librevent and mobilizone-reshare